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The true meaning of Easter

Many people these days don't know or don't celebrate the true meaning of Easter. They think it's nothing but a public holiday that everyone celebrates for SOME KIND of reason. They celebrate too, but they don't celebrate the true meaning of Easter: the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus didn't belong to this world. He belonged to Heaven, where God is. But he was sent down from Heaven to save mankind.

During Jesus' time on Earth, he devoted himself to preaching the Good News. When the time came for him to save mankind, it was done in the most cruel way. He was tortured and crucified on the cross. Even though Jesus had already performed many miracles when he was alive,  many people still didn't believe in him. Some of his disciples even had their share of doubts. Jesus proved them wrong because on the third day after his death, he was raised to life. Then he delivered a final message to his disciples. When he came back to Earth, he didn't come as a human, but as a spirit.

So it is a pity that still so many people do not know the true meaning of Easter or don't celebrate it after what Jesus had done for us.

A description about what Jesus went through is in my 'poem' folder in my portfolio.
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