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My journey to California during my high school spring break.
                                            The Heart of the Journey

My journey across the blue ocean above, the tip of the twilight.

The city of angels shining so blightingly as the great orange fire fell from the sky.

I arrived, i greeted, i sought nourishment, and i parted ways with the present and awoke to the future.

I left, i greeted, a desideratum to explore this new world i journeyed without question.

There was no calamity here, this place lived a new each day i spend here. I visited the markets, i visited my distant ancestors, i visited the temples of this endless playground.

At the end of the journey i will find myself in one final temple, Malibu a place where the waters will greet me.

My desinence in Malibu, will lead me to a different kind of temple where two soul mates will bind there love eternally.
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