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By my royal might, he dies for his infidelity.
A majestic glow lights the way for them, and I am left standing in the dusty haze created by the hooves of the galloping stallions. I am, indeed, reaping what I so carelessly sowed with my selfish ruling.

The very essence of my being -my love- is, at this moment, being hauled to the guillotine. By sunrise, he will be but a memory. This is my egotistical way of balancing the scales of infidelity. My power overtook me, and now he will pay with his life.

As tidbits of time propel into eternity, I mourn. I settle in the Garden but fail to see the kaleidoscopic splendor that springtime buds elicit.

The bell tolls. It's an eerie, eerie sound, and I know that by my regal hand, a man has lost his existence.

Note: Written for Stormy's contest.
This First-Person character is a Queen.
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