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A thank you for a welcoming gift of an upgrade! .
April 23 07 , Going to check my email, this morning.I was blown away, when a writing angel had upgraded me! It was a touching gift, It was a gift needed, a random act of kindness.There’s no way to put the joy I feel, into words! That someone would go out of their way, to do such a kindness for me! So instead decided to make an article out of the piece, that’s been hiding in my writing files. To give back, by taking a chance to share who I am & where I’ve been. 
Today the universe gave me  the courage, to speak what’s on my mind
Been hiding it so long, who knows what we may find!
Tales of long ago, some relevant for today.
To learn from then and use the knowledge on our way.
To share joy & laughter ,in this world that’s full of pain.
Each day to leave perplexity,to find answers and meaning in life again.

It’s been a real long time since I’ve returned to Writing.com. Though it would be nice to add some texture to this port, by writing a little about me.

         In 2001 I had written many things, but had only submitted one poem to a contest, in a CA woman’s newspaper. I won $10.00 and it appeared in the next issue, which was priceless to me, I was published!

         In 2004, I found Writing.com on a search for “writing,” didn’t know what I was looking for, but “would know when I saw it.” I liked the welcoming feel of the site, the variety of writing, and most of all the community, how people were helping others, to FEEL better about themselves as writers from first poem or story.

         I couldn’t wait to join! . There was so much going on it was a bit overwhelming for awhile At first had to email myself an article, I wanted to get back too! .Later learned how to save articles and authors to my favorites,  that helped a lot! The people were very helpful and friendly. I had many questions, about how to use html and other concerns, but someone was always there to lend a helpful hand.

         And the encouragement given ,well you can’t put a price on that. I’ve met so many really nice folks here, over the years. Bo Bo-( Our nickname for grandbaby), had just been born ,That year. Soon will be three and I’ve never found a better writing site, in all of my searches!  That year, I had article published in a local alternative collage newspaper. (See Help is just a click away) Because people(including my family) and folks here on WDC encouraged, my growth as a writer, as a newbie! And over time I have done my best to do the same, for other writers, new & “old”!
          At present,  my family & I live in the south, near the beach. I’m helping to raise one of my grandkids, 2 years going on 10! Talk about getting writing material! She knows how a search engine works! And has her own desktop files! she helps recycle too!

         I want to interrelate with other writers, they can give me feed back
I can give them mine. It was wonderful to do that,
So as I struggle to focus, wanting to be a part of WDC again. I miss writing, it has been very long since being in the community. “The journey of 10,000 miles begins with one step”-Lao Tzu      This is my first step back….

         Because of many kind people,I’m walking with faith today,holding my pen high!


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