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Tribute to talk-show host, Maury Povich
                      You are a true 21st century man.
                      You always do whatever you can
                        To help those who are in need.
                  That should be your motto or creed.

    You have helped many to find their children's true paternity,
    But some, like Myeesha and Marisol could search till eternity,
                  But may never find their childrens' dad
                          Isn't that pathetic and sad?

            You have shown the indigent and the affluent,
        People like Derek and Aijahlon who seem "different,"
                    Opposites that attract each other,
      Wayward son and father, rebellious daughter and mother,
                      Segments like "Look at Me Now."

        You have showcased those above, below and average,
          On your show everyone gets a chance or leverage.
          You have revealed some who take drugs and botox,
                        And even helped others to detox.
            Many have come out of the closet on your show.
                        Thumbs up, Maury, way to go!

    With people in your corner like the beautiful Connie Chung,
                  You will always remain vibrant and young,
              You have changed the face of television today,
                    Maury, you're definitely here to stay!!!
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