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I was on an American Idol war path, upset by the shows events and was inspired to write.
What if I went to American Idol
toting my American Bible
how long do you think I'll last
when the phone lines open up, I'm a goner, fast
Will Randy say, dawg, yeah dude you rock
or just stare at me in disgust and utter shock
and disbelief
to think I'd bring that on American tv
to American Idol that is
with my American Bible that is
proclaiming Jesus Christ
how He died to give me life
not on tv, that wouldn't be nice
I might offend an American someone
if I got up there singing my Jesus song
Will Simon say what the bloody hell was that,
take your WWJD bracelet and never come back
Don't come here forcing religion on people
there's already enough of those crazy truth seekers
but to go on American Idol
with my American Bible
never, that's for the next Fantasia, Taylor Hicks, or Ruben Studdard
the show might be taken off the air, if a Jesus word was uttered
So what does that tell you about American tv
It's for everything but American Christianity
Me get on American tv
reciting a verse, two or three
trying to tell the world
how I've been set free
that would be the day
I went down in history
as the lunatic who quoted scripture
when there wasn't some catastrophic tragedy
Again I'll tell you about American Tv
It's for everything but American Christianity
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