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Something you want, something you need. Something you can share. Also can be given as well as received. When you do receive it, you feel emotion, comfort, knowing your day is gonna get better. Relieved from all your troubles and hardships, knowing stress isn't gonna knock on your door. The Joy in your heart is an indescribable sensation. A sensation that will make you blush. Your stomach feels light. Heart is heavier than a ton of bricks. The sun's radiance reflecting off your beautiful brown eyes, making that astonishing gleam when someone gaze upon them. Do you know that feeling? It makes you look forward to tomorrow, knowing your future will be bright and fortunate. Greet people with a tender and heart-giving smile, making there day bright as well.
Makes your body feels good, but not in a gratifying way. It helps you to go on walking on the devastating path that took down others. To you? no problem, because there are people to stand you back up when you wither to the ground. When people do that, they want to see you happy. The encouragement keeps you strong and persistent. You're not giving up. This feeling? What is this feeling? Of course, it's love.
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