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belief in the living god.
Faith is the ultimate…in fact I feel it’s the godfather of hope. Seriously, have you ever wondered what would life be without faith? It’s unimaginable. Just because faith is much more important than the oxygen that we breathe to live. Yes, this is a very dramatic time for all of us. Since our examination results are going to be declared soon. So, at this point in time, we can’t afford to hope. Can only demonstrate our faith in god and then only can be guaranteed. I mean without faith we wouldn’t even be able to live this life. Faith is not only limited to god. It goes further on to our family and friends. Without faith our existence is impossible. Life would be indescribable. It’s hard to seek life’s truth without the word faith. These 19 years of my life have passed by successfully only in the course of my faith in god. Even if it’s been the hardest moment of my life, has been the hardest decision to make, been the toughest possible relationship, had always shown faith! Christ talks about unlimited faith in God the father. People talk about unlimited faith in their own abilities. Well, I talk about unlimited faith in life itself. After all, life is the ultimate. Giving up in life is another baffling issue. People who lose faith soon give up easily. Yes, that is understood, I know! How does faith work without hope? Yes, that’s the question. Faith is the daughter hope is the mother. Hope is the candle, which lights all other three- love, faith and trust. Every time these three go weak it is faith which lights up all three. Lets hope for the best…faith in god will work the best…when we will fall down three steps…hope will make us rise another ten steps.
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