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This is my rant against Prince Charming
Has anyone ever noticed? Prince Charming is a playboy. I mean, heh, this guy gets around. He gets to just about EVERY girl in the kingdom. Hell, he even dyes his hair a golden blonde, and poses as John Smith and Captn whathisface in the Hunchback of Notre Dam. What's so intrigueing about him anyways? Oh yea, he's got a beautiful singing voice, but that wouldn't attract a girl. Perhaps, Disney encourages girls to be more like the princesses.
"Be a Princess. Have Premarital Sex with Charming. Contract an STD. Get Pregnant while you sleep"

Not only is 'prince charming' a play boy, and probably sending STDs around the 'kingdom' of fairytales, but he's also a necrophilliac. How gross is that? I'm am SO glad I'm not a 'Disney Princess'
So how do we know this about Charming? Watch Disney movies. I mean, he is in every dang movie. From Snow White to, and I kid you not, The Little Mermaid. This is why I STOPPED watching Disney movies.

One question. Why? I mean, if I was a playboy prince, and I was going after a princess that I hadn't done yet. I would probably give up the moment I found out she was dead.
"Oh, I do so love Snow White... Wait..? She's dead? Wup, nevermind... Cinderella here I come!"*
It's just plain gross. And do you want to know something else? They didn't wake up because the prince kissed them. Noooooo. They woke up because they were pregnant. HA! In yo face you Disney watching princess'. Didn't know that did ya?

So here you have it folks. Reasons for your children NOT to watch Disney. It's corrupting.
End of Story
* I wouldn't actually do this, seeing how I am female and VERY straight. There are physical attributes about me that prohibit me from being a playboy prince. Thank God
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