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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #1263394
The story is made especially for teens and adults. A fantasy that is funny!
Magical Akward of Journey

Once there was a boy named Va, he’s this new guy in the most prestigious school of witches and magicians. His first day of school was a blur, he didn’t get to meet new friends, worst, he met new enemies. They are named the “Slutho Team” which are composed of Sluma, the richest, bully and the most boastful guy in the Witchians Craft Academy. Uther, the arrogant guy who claims to pursue in getting the position of Sluma as the leader of their group, and Holo, a neutral-thinker guy who doesn’t know whether bullying is right or wrong. He’s actually the most stupid guy in the Academy but Sluma hired him as their member because he has the potential of becoming the new “Pri”. Va stayed contact with his professor because he is scared of being bullied by the Slutho team. Until, one day he met a new guy in school named Gi, like Va, he was bullied by the Slutho but in his case, he did not let the Slutho team harass him, and so, he quarreled with them and stood up for his pride. A war was about to begin but the professors stopped them by using their binding powers to paralyze them. The professors recorded everything they saw and they put Gi and the Slutho team back to their original form. The bell has rang and it’s time for their recess. Gi stared at Va who’s seating far from him beside the trash bin who the Slutho team call the looser’s table. He hesitated to sit with him because he thought he might not accept him since he was recorded probationary in the records of the professors which he thinks that he is a bad influence to Va. But Va knows that Gi is a good guy because he has the power to know the personalities of witches and magicians. Va asked Gi if he wanted to create a group with him for the upcoming “Spell Fight Tournament” which will happen on December 30, the end of the year which is 3 months from now. Gi accepted immediately but they have a problem. They need one more member to qualify for the tournament. The winner of the tournament will get a phoenix badge, the 5th highest badge that authorizes the owner to go inside secret caves and woods. A prize money worth 20,000,000,000 prands. A chance to choose an element to master and will be entitled “ Pri”. One day, when Va and Gi was studying in the library of couldrons they saw a girl who was very beautiful and glamorous. They tried to approach her but a guy named Andrew blocked them and said that no one has ever befriended her because she only chooses her friends that are genius and no one knows when will she ever find her true friends. The guy warned them because he said that anyone who touches her that is not the accepted one would freeze to death but anyone who touches her that is the accepted one would feel lonely, sad and cry. Gi was frightened even though he knows that the girl is beautiful and genius. Vi was very confident and touched the girl immediately. Ice started to crawl over his arms but it stopped when it reached his chest then Va felt lonely and cry. The girl flew in the air and light rays filled the room that no one can even see because of it’s brightness. The girl approached Va and gave him a ring. The girl said that the ring signifies her membership. The girl introduced herself as Na. Na is the fastest learner in the academy. She reads atleast 150 books a day which are composed of about 10,000 pages. Her greatest enemy was Calderon who can read atleast 149 books a day. But all the books she’s reading are just 10 pages each, so she’s still not a thorn at Na’s blooming skill. Anyway, Va, Na and Gi started to think about their group’s name. They thought of combining their first names since they’re just 2 letters, and they formed NAGIVA, but it didn’t sounded that good and so, they changed it to GINAVA. Again! It didn’t sounded good. Until, Va suggested VAGINA. Then everyone agreed. After their dinner, they decided that it’s time for them to sign in the competition. Everyone signed and got their “Britching Machine. The britching machine sends them a message every time there would be a competition. Just 5 minutes of putting it onto their arms. It started to ring immediately. They read the message and it says: “Prepare for a battle tomorrow at 4pm in the Acacia Grounds against the Mightiniers. They weren’t scared because they knew that the team their fighting against is not that brawned to fight against them. The next day, they walked into the center aisle. Then the professor whistled which signals the start. The first to cast was Gi. He gave a thunder shock to Brittany, the team leader of the Mightiniers. But Lucy barriered his attack and so, Na used her sleeping crescent ray to lure them. But only one fell asleep. The barrier had finished it’s use. Brittany and Lucy started to feel sleepy. The effect of the spell stayed that is why VAGINA was declared the winner of the battle. 2 months passed. VAGINA team haven’t lost any battle. Until the finals have been declared. VAGINA team and the SLUTHO team will be the one fighting against the finals. Next day was the grand parade since tomorrow will clear the minds of the people on who will be the next “Pri”. Next day, the professor whistled. The battle has began. No one moved. Until Sluma used his Fire Balsh to attack Va, Gi and Na. But Gi defended the three using his mega boll reelriere. He got eliminated because he lacked aura. Na got mad and used her Sound of Luna that brisstled into the ears of Uther and Holo. They got eliminated. It’s just Sluma, Va and Na that’s left. Sluma got angry and used his final power. Va and Na used their combining courage and destroyed the power of Sluma. There was a big blast. Then the professor declared VAGINA as the new Pris. THE END
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