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Rated: 13+ · Preface · Drama · #1264345
A young homeless girl's legs are shattered; a doctor brings the life back into her eye's.
To Heal from the Shattered- Introduction  

A couple walks down an alleyway; the woman noticeably upset.

“Damn it, David!” she says, glancing behind her, “Why couldn’t we just walk down 34th Street?”

The man, David, snorts, and says, “Because we both know you’ll just run into Macy’s and won’t come out for hours.”

The woman gives a small smile, “Oh, c’mon! I pro-“

Look out!

As David pushes his wife backwards, they both see a figure throwing something out of the window. As it shatters with a big thud! on a pile of boxes off to the side, the couple then realizes it was a TV.

“What the hell?” David hollers, looking up to the window, “What kind of asshole would just throw a 60-pound television out of their…”

His words come to a stop as he sees his wife looking numbly at the pile of boxes, horrified.

“What?” he says, “What it is, Laura?”

Laura opens her mouth, but no words come out. After several speechless seconds, she says, “There’s blood.”

Looking at the boxes himself, David sees a pool of blood. Being 6’2” tall, and a man with the strength and the leadership of a hero, he doesn’t hesitate to rush over and dig through the boxes.

As he does, Laura watches, feeling numb all over. And then, a cry of hurt is heard, and the couple is stunned.
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