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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Erotica · #1264904
A poem about meeting strangers and making a personal connection.
The Summer Vamp

One late Eve I saw you stride ‘cross the street,
Gliding lightly with ease on high heeled feet,
Strutting through the world without any cares,
Paying no mind to its cold, empty stares.

My gaze, seduced by your subtle cat-walk,
Understood the way your curves liked to talk.
Following you my eyes peeled off your dress
Brushing your skin with a velvet caress.

Naked in my mind I saw that your face
Had a shadow, full of mischief, erase
From your almond shaped eyes any colour
That might compliment your snowy pallor.

With a shaded veil, you press through the crowd,
Just a sigh in the wind, ever so proud.
Your thoughts change the colour of your soft lips
As your tongue strikes at them like a bull whip.

Passing by I noticed that you’d savoured
The last sweet drop of your lover’s flavour.
The taste excites your old Hungers with pain
In a way that pleases like cool spring rain.

Alas the memory robs you of joy
Like a small child who had lost her best toy.
For the thought was shorter than the real deed,
Never satisfying your carnal need.

Entranced, I see how the wind just molest
Your dress. In vain it tries to protest.
Yet this rape grows into a cruel sadness
Driving your flesh to a corrupt madness!

Your flesh itch in places you cannot scratch.
Feeling aroused I just stand here and watch.
In that moment I knew you felt my stare,
So you turn ‘round with a sweep of your hair.

Hid, your veiled eyes traps and holds mine awhile
So your face can flash a hungry pink smile.
Taking bold strides on long legs and round hips,
You cross our gulf so as to seal our lips.

Feeding your lust with all my breath and sighs,
I still have not learned what hue are your eyes.
But my tongue searched the depths of your passion
And learned of all your sins in a fashion.

Pressed close I feel your breasts begin to swell
Which drives home an urge that I can not quell.
Velvet fingers seek out my Libido,
Playing with my hair, they melt my Ego.

In my hands, your bosom held a nice weight,
Buoyed by the heat of your aroused state.
My hot kiss burns your skin causing them blush
When my lips trace your breast tips like a brush.

Setting one hand free a finger strays south,
Crossing your silk threshold it finds your mouth
Waiting ready with a humid moist smile
Very damp like the fertile shore of the Nile.

My thumb found an easy southward passage
While it gave your Rosebud a slow massage
Changing fingers and pace so you won’t swoon
And to prevent you from coming too soon.

Yet a sigh exhaled deep in my brown ear
While my snaking tongue licks away your tear
Breathing becomes hard as your throat tightens.
Your veil falls and I see your eyes widen.

They go blind as though you’re living my dream;
Sharp teeth clamps on my neck, stifling a scream.
Driven mad by the taste of my hot blood
Your valley drowns my fingers in its flood.

Feeling you go slack I hold you real tight
In the fading glow of this summer night.
Time speeds on in its long endless race
Leaving us in our fast cooling embrace

Looking deep in your eyes I see the hues
Veiled from me burn a pale shade of blue.
In that waning moment you kiss my chin
And leave, never to be seen from again.


© Copyright 2007 Cornelius Gwynn (fcg3rd at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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