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Death, Ye Stay Away
Death, you grim reaper
Where hell hath thou
Leave my kindred and me alone
For we are not ready to part even a single day
For we still want to get wet in the rain and play
Stay away from us, will you, just for another day
And another day and another day, till we call it a day
When we are ready, we will call out for you
To come with your ax and take us away

Go, haunt where people are waiting for you
Where people are old and waiting for you
Who are sitting by the sills, looking out for you
I see all of them, hanging their heads, waiting for you
Glum and gloomy, dull and despondent, they wait only for you
Go, hear their call and stay away from us.
For we want to play, we want to play for one more day
And one more day and one more day, do we want to play
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