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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #1267060
A little father-son chat that makes a point about word usage
A Minicourse in Intercourse

By Jack Rawlins

”Son, I think it’s time we had a little talk about the birds and bees.”

“Please Dad, I don’t want to talk about them.”

“Why not?  You’re 26 and single. You should know what they can teach.”

“Dad, I’m not interested in flying or making honey. And I already have an MBA in marketing communications.”

“But don’t you want to learn about intercourse?”

“Dad, I’m a communications specialist. I have intercourse every day. Sometimes I do it with a whole group of people. Sometimes just one on one. But my real forte is public relations.”

“Every day?  With whole groups? Or one at a time? And you do it in public?”

“Exactly. That little four letter verb is my whole life.”

"You mean you’ve devoted all your energies to...ah… to... ah... to... ah?”

"Yes! I’m obsessed with T…A…L…K….the exchange of thoughts and feelings through the spoken and written word. I’m obsessed with intercourse. That’s how I make my living. That’s how I get my jollies.”

“Hmmmm….Well, Son, I’m glad we had this little talk.”
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