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by kura
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · War · #1269863
Edward takes a stand
"So what's your story?" asked Frank jogging round a field with Oliver. Oliver at first hesitated. Even though he knew Frank, he wasn't that comfertable near him.
"My father died of cancer before I joined the army" said Oliver leaving the emotion out. Frank would of said sorry but he was to interested in what Oliver was going to say next. You see Frank had this thing where he would try and predict what someone was going to say by the expression on their faces. According to Frank, it wasn't good.
"Then my mother commited suicide" said Oliver sighing as he realised how messed up his life was. Frank still said nothing. There was nothing to say.
"Then I joined the army" said Oliver closing the issue and jogging a little faster than Frank. Frank got the hint and jogged at the same speed. After five laps, Frank and Oliver joined the rest of the group.
"Right now..wait wern't there six of you?" asked an officer. Instantly everyone looked round.
"Yeah, Billy's missing" said Rory. Just then Billy came into sight.
"Sorry i'm late" he said. Everyone could tell the officer was about to let off alot of steam.
"Oh sorry did this world just change?" shouted the officer.
"What?" asked Billy taking a step back a bit shocked.
"What! What, how dare you speak to me like that!" shouted the officer raising his voice even though it seemed impossible to get any louder.
"Sorry sir I didn't realise-" Billy couldn't finish his sentence.
"Didn't realise this was the army!" shouted the officer.
"You boy, are a disgrace!" shouted the officer. Billy had nothing to say. Edward did.
"There's no need for that sir" said Edward.
"Did I ask for your opinion?" shouted back the officer.
"Maybe you should come back down from up there!" shouted Edward pointing at the sky. The officer was enraged. Just then Edward's father came into the view. He watched as the officer twisted with his temper.
"I'll take him" said his father. Edward sighed. His father walked off followed by Edward. And back in the room where they had had that argument. Edward pushed passed his father and lent on the desk.
"How dare you treat an officer with such a lack of respect" shouted his father. Edward just shrugged. His father sighed.
"You have got to learn soilder" said his father turning round to walk out.
"Father" said Edward. When that word left his lips, he knew he had made a mistake in saying it. His father stopped. And without turning round he breathed four words.
"I'm not your father" he wispered leaving the room. Edward leaned on the desk and felt a peice of paper underneath his hand. He turned round and picked it up. This made the situation a whole lot worse.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1269863-Choices-Of-The-Heart-Part-6