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by Josh
Rated: 13+ · Other · Drama · #1271192
A character list of the musical that I am currently writing.
A musical production about desires, magic, and society.

*Price’s Entourage*
Price - main character; gay male teen of which mostly everything happens; levelheaded
Ali - one of Price’s friends who laughs excessively, but has a strong conscience about everything
Julie - Ali’s younger sister who assists Price, but is very clumsy
Shelbi - Price’s multi-talented friend, who loves to play and compose music; quiet
Rae - Price’s ex-boyfriend who plots to win him back; flamboyant and devious
Miguel - a well-groomed Hispanic guy who lusts after Price and pursued by Shelbi

*Ill-Fated Lovers*
Brett- the guy who Price wants terribly; perfect in every way, except for his secrets…
Leanne- snobbish girl that dates Brett; conniving, backstabbing, and pretentious
Eli- dreamboat of the school; everyone wants him; indecisive, but witty and clever
Jill - Eli’s girlfriend; extremely controlling, helpless romantic, sensitive to others

*Everyone Else + Extras*
Laura - go-between gossiper and backstabber extraordinaire
Alan - Brett’s obnoxious, nosy brother
Ms. Keane- aloof, mild-mannered philosophy teacher
Tim Kearns - a student-teacher from the local college
Guy 1
Guy 2
Guy 3
Extra Female Students (3)

Sachi - queen of the fairies (3rd generation), and Price’s guardian spirit
Sercon - Sachi’s husband (3rd generation), the king of darkness; disagreeable; Brett’s guardian spirit
Sachi’s fairy band (5: Fairess, Sephie, Euliss, Leah, Lolita)
Sercon’s minions (2: Wisp, Gillian [Gil])
*Lolita- halfblooded offspring of the Indian prince and Cobweb.
*Gillian- human offspring of the Indian prince and Cobweb; bestowed with fairy powers.
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