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Ivy Tales are bedtime stories written for my daughter.
Oh, me Lads and Lassies, do I have a tale for ye. First, ye must be knowing a few things 'bout the wee folk and their world. Ye see the wee folk are what ye be calling Leprechauns. Magical lil devils and I might add more than a bit mischievous. See, the wee folk are the guardians of the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes, they will grant ye three wishes but only if ye catch one o' the lil buggers by the foot with a golden thread. Even then, they cannot give ye the pot o' gold or even tell ye how to follow the rainbow to their shining land where the rainbow ends.

Now me Darlings, shore and be'ghora, one of the wee folk had a soft spot for human children. His name was Ivy. Leprechauns have only a certain amount of magical wishes they can grant. That's why you have to trick 'em into giving ye wishes. But Ivy loved the lads and lassies, so if a child was in need....He kinda broke the rules. Oh, o'course, he would get caught by the thread, but the child really didn't have to trick him into it.

This habit o' wish giving landed Ivy in front of the King o' the Leprechauns. Ivy journeyed from the Emerald Isle, rode the rainbow, and landed in the Shining City just as the sun rose. He was greeted by the King who was an ol' friend. The King and Ivy had been sprouts together and had grown to manhood as great friends.

As Ivy entered the castle of the Shining City across the rainbow and by the sea, he was greeted with a bow by the King. "Oh! My King do not bow to me," said Ivy, "I am your humble servant, not the other way 'round." 

The King smiled with a twinkle in his deep green eyes and replied," Ivy, ye lil devil, what have ye been up to? "  Then softly," I am very worried 'bout ye, me old and dear friend." 

Ivy looked mischievously at his friend and asked, " So, am I in a heap o'trouble or just a wee bit?" 

The King laughed a hearty deep belly laugh. " Ivy", he said sternly, " Ye are making yeself sick. Green is me favorite color Laddie, but not for ye skin! "  Ye see, Ivy had been giving away so many wishes, he had made himself sick. Remember, Leprechauns have a limited supply of magic and Ivy had really drained himself for the love of the children.

The King had an idea! " Ivy me ol friend, how 'bout I grant ye a wish? Choose carefully, I may grant ye only one. Be wise in ye choice!" 

"Oh! My King, thank ye! I know exactly what I want....."

" NO! NO! NO!"  interrupted the King, " Ivy think! Make ye wish wisely, carefully." Then he said softly, more gently, "Ivy, me dear kind Ivy, Ye have spent so much magic, please wait till the morrow after ye rest to tell me what ye wish."

But Ivy could not wait! He knew in his heart o' hearts what the best wish for him and his beloved Lads and Lassies would be. " My Dear Emerald, King o' the Shining City across the rainbow and by the sea, ye are me dearest an oldest friend. I will always be ye humble servant. I wish to no longer be a Leprechaun but to be a Fairy." As soon as the words left his mouth, Ivy sprouted wings and glowed with fairy dust.

King Emerald was smiling a huge and mischevious smile yet there were tears in his eyes. " Ivy, ye are a truly wise and caring Leprechaun. Ye have made the wisest wish ye could have made! Now as a Fairy, you will have unlimited magic to do as ye will for ye beloved human Lads and Lassies. I am so proud of ye , my friend."

And that me Darlings is just what Ivy does even today. He visits the Shining City from time to time but most of the time he can be found where a Lad or Lassie be in need of a wee bit o'magic and a heap o' love.

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