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A prose and story about Fantasy Garden.
A neat Rainbow Unicorn Image.
Welcome to Fantasy Garden.
You will find beautiful flowers of every color
and beautiful seas and oceans of blue and green.
It is peaceful here and the trees bear fruits and flowers.

Meet the creatures who live here.
The unicorns love to feed on the green grass and drink
from the waters.
They will let you pet them as long as you are kind.
Their horn will bring you good wishes and all that your heart desires.

The dragons live in the caves above the ocean.
They fly around and breathe fire but they won't hurt you.
They are big, beautiful colorful creatures.
Most of the time, you won't even know they are around.

The Mermaids love to play in the ocean.
They swim with the dolphins and whales.
They sing songs and tease the sailors
but they are really just little girls at play.

The Sea Goddess rules the ocean and the sea.
She loves the creatures that live in the sea.
She loves the pirates and other humans whose ships cross her sea.

The Ice Princess rules the Artic with her polar bears by her side.
Ice and snow, she rules and laughs at Global Warming!
Her sister, the Snow Princess makes the snow and she is like-
Glenda, the good witch ,
The Ice Princess can be gentle but don't cross her path!

Don't forget the fairies of Fantasy Garden.
They are like little girls that fly and their wings light up the night.
Sometimes, they dance in the rain and play in the wind
and like to sleep in the flowers.

The Moon Goddess lets the moon come out at night.
She loves the night and watches over all the creatures of the night.
Look at the moon and you can see her.
She will wink or smile at you.

Fantasy Garden.
Make a wish.
Enjoy the beauty and be kind to all the creatures who live there.
All your fantasies and wishes can come true here.
Close your eyes and feel the magic!

Fantasy Garden is a place in the woods. There is a gazebo, a large pond with white swans, black swans, ducks of all kinds and a rainbow colored waterfall. Flowers of every color grow and they are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Check out the lavender flowers and see the blue butterflies and blue birds flying around. It is hard to tell them apart. You will feel at peace here. Everyone is so nice and will welcome you with a warm cup of tea, chocolate mints and strawberry and banana smoothies.

Unicorns eat grass by the bridge and will drink your strawberry and banana smoothies if you don't watch out. Feel free to feed them apples and oranges that grow near by. Notice that the unicorns aren't all white. Some are lavender and some are black velvet. They are friendly and will let you ride them but you have to coax them with a treat. They won't hurt you.

Fairies and pixies fly around. They may land in your hair and kiss your cheek. The gnomes play in the pond and are somewhat shy but they will give you a smile and a wink. There are no trolls here. They are too orny to live here. Smurfs live here, too but they hide in the mushrooms. Don't pick the mushrooms. They are home to the smurfs, fairies and pixies.

Cinderella and her white cat have arrived. So has Snow White and her black cat. They are here for tea. The cats are wellobehaved. They will chase the butterflies and birds but won't hurt them. The Princesses will ride the unicorns. They don't expect you to bow to them. Princesses and Knights visit here all the time. The cats will nap in the gazebo after their run with the fairies and pixies.

A gentle rain falls. There is no lightning and thunder at Fantasy Garden.The gentle rain helps the grass grow. There are huge trees with windows. This is where the faries, pixies and gnomes live. No humans live at Fantasy Garden but they are always welcome here. No mean humans are allowed. Unicorns and fairies will chase them away. Fantasy Garden is a place for sweet and nice creatures. This is a Paradise and land of love. Here comes a kola bear. He wants someone to pick him up and hug him. As you hug him, he may fall asleep. The kola bears live in the tree, too.

Feel free to visit this beautiful Paradise anytime. No creature can go home with you but they love to have you visit. We hope you have enjoyed your visit and will visit again soon.

Beautiful poser of Ice Princess by best friend Angel.

Beautiful Poser of Cinderella by best friend Angel.
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