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The Ice Princess's land of ice is melting.
The Ice Princess wasn't happy. The Artic was melting and she had saved her polar bears from drowning. The Ice Princess loved her pet polar bears and they were the only creatures alive she did love. Her sister, the Snow Princess had moved out and lived in an ice cave on the other side of the Artic. That was fine with the Ice Princess but she was worried and scared. The Artic was melting. Did humans cross her path? Oh, they would pay! She would take no prisoners.

The Ice Princess had made guards out of three humans who crossed into her domain. They served her and were her prisoners. "Guards!" The three men {Explorers actually} came running.

"What is the matter, Ice Princess?"

"Go protect all the polar bears! If they die, so do you! This melting snow is dangerous. If you know who is responsible for this, you had better tell me!"

The men bowed and swore to her that they didn't know what was causing the ice and snow to melt. They also promised that they would protect the polar bears. They served her, hated her and feared her but always did as they were told.

The Ice Princess walked out of her ice palace. The land was melting. WAS THERE ANY TRUTH TO GLOBAL WARMING? There couldn't be! She was the ICE PRINCESS! She ruled! She was scared deep down but she wouldn't admit it. She had to save her kingdom.

The Ice Princess hitched up her polar bears to her carriage and rode over to her sister's cave. It was dark by the time she got there. They got to to the cave and she got out of the carriage. She walked into the cave's opening and yelled: "Snow, where are you? It is I, your sister and you won't ignore me!"

The Snow Princess was a beautiful blond and the Ice Princess was a red head. They were close as children but after their parents died, that had changed. "Sister, Dear what do you want? Leave the polar bears outside. Keep your voice down. You will wake up my children."

"I don't care. You had better tell me the truth. Are you melting the ice and snow in this land? You are in charge of snow. Why do you wish to destroy our parent's land?"

"Sister, Dear it isn't me. I swear it. I love living here. I am scared and know you are, too. We have to work together and find out who wants to destroy us. This is my children's legacy. I am so scared, Sis." Snow let a few tears trickle down her cheek. The Ice Princess was jealous and hated her sister at times but this wasn't one of those times. She embraced her sister. Snow was so surprised. The Ice Princess was being caring. Snow smiled. "Oh, you do care about me. We can defeat this crisis together."

The Ice Princess backed away from Snow. "Enough bonding. You are all the family I got. Don't expect hugs to be a habit. We need each other right now. We will gain back control of our land. The land will be snow and ice all over the Artic like it is supposed to be. I am worried but our enemy will pay with their life!"
Beautiful poser of Ice Princess by best friend Angel.
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