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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #1279455
Just the start

Hun had never before set foot beyond the borders of his village. These were the vary borders that had prevented the people of his village from going into the ruins of what seamed to be a once great civilization. Now there he was sitting with his back against the only tree within the border. As he looked into the river of the western border he tried to talk himself out of what he was about to do, but there was no stopping him his mind was already made up he was going into the “City of Fear.”

To Hun there was nothing to truly decide, the main thing that had changed his mind was the last thing his mentor had said to him:

“Hun when was the last time you tried looking for answers on your own?”

“What do you mean?” Hun asked looking up from the river bank.

“Hun, you know I have been your mentor for an extra rotation cycle, and you will more than likely only have one more mentor before you go out on your own.” Rean said as he sat next to Hun. “What I’m getting at, is most of the questions you have are not known by me or anyone in this area. I’m afraid that I am to old to go after the answers for you so you have to find them out your self.”

And now there he was sitting staring at the reflection of the ruins in the water.

Chapter I

Want of Truth

The water was still not even the water bugs where awake but Hun still sat staring his mind racing with what could be beyond the river. He glanced up only once to see the branch that stretched over the river he knew that branch was the only way across the river without a raft. The one thing Hun worried about was that he would have to drop a ways from the branch to the ground.

As his mind raced he thought back to the four words Rean had said:

“Find them out yourself.”

Hun didn’t just want to find these answers he needed them.


Ale had awoken that night to find the sleeping roll next to him missing along with Hun so he grabbed his roll and snuck trough the hut and out the door. Ale could see Hun from a distance but he couldn’t figure out why he was at the river. As he ran toward Hun he saw the blank stare and knew what he was about to do.


Hun suddenly heard a snap and naturally his head jerked to see what it was. As he turned his head he saw the bald head of his best friend. Ale was sprinting full speed with his sleeping roll rapped around his arm. He noticed one thing was different he could see that Ale was not happy.


For the first time Ale was not smiling even though he was going to see his best friend he had figured out what he had planed and for the first time he was mad.

Chapter II
Search for the lost

As Ale got closer Hun could see the just how determined to go with him.


"What in the name of truth are you thinking!" Ale said slightly out of breath as he reached Hun.

"Be quiet, I don't want anyone to know what I am doing." Hun said trying to whisper as he turned to face the river that was standing between him and his goal.

"You can't possibly be thinking of going in."

"Yes I can and I am."

Even though Ale was still trying to catch his breath he grabbed Hun by the shoulder and turned Hun so that they were standing face to face. "Hun don't do this Rean was my mentor too you don't see me jumping into any rivers."

"I am not going to jump." Hun said still starring blankly at the tree.
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