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We all have dreams, some we let go - some we capture!


Midsummer madness, dreams fluttering by
awakening the soul of a girl such as I.
The scent of roses bring visions of love,
tender emotions, such as dreams are made of.

The kiss of the dew in the fresh morning air
brings dreams of love and of someone to share.
Red clover and honeysuckle add to the scene;
Reach for the stars and capture a dream.

Turn from the window, put on satin and lace,
look in the mirror as the veil is set in place.
Smiles from my mother, hugs from my dad,
why in the world would I be feeling sad?

I turn to the window and look at the sky,
heavenly blue, not a dark cloud on high.
Take a deep breath and follow my heart;
I will capture the dream, make a new start.

I soar with the eagles, I run with the deer,
I swim with the dolphins, visions so clear.
Some dreams are forgotten and fade away,
a new dream takes over on my wedding day..

Wedding bells chime and yet I can still see
visions of how beautiful this life can be.
It is all there for me, I won't choose between;
I will reach for the stars, I will capture a dream.


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