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Unlikely friends come together to save the world.
[ It's constantly being revised and updated, so check back whenever possible! And, thanks to all those who are, and have been, reading my story. I greatly appreciate it. ]

~*~ Prologue~*~

A long time ago, before even your grandmother's mother was born, a mysterious man overthrew every government system in the entire world. It took years and years before he could finally have complete control, though eventually, he was claimed as the Ultimate Ruler, King of the World. He conformed the entire globe into a prison. People were soon afraid to walk out their front doors, even afraid to sleep at night. He had armies of soldiers flood the larger cities, wiped out major businesses and restaurant, and banned some of the world's most popular objects. Everyone was outraged, of course, but the moment someone protested, the shots rang out, and many were killed, the guilty and the innocent.

People began to deal with what had happened. They began to simply accept what had come to them. Across the globe, people simply gave up, and just let this evil man take over. Though, one man had other ideas. He wouldn't let this crazed lunatic just come and take on everyone in the world and win. He, along with numerous other Freedom Fighters, made a secret resistance. One that planned to defeat the King, and restore the world. However, it took years to plan. Years of making maps and tracing artifacts from the King. Years of hiding and keep their secrets of their doings. It took almost as long as it took the king himself to gain control.

Though, just a few days before this resistance set out on their mission, something terrible happened. Someone had let loose they had a resistance going, and in a matter of moments, Soldiers had stormed their meeting area. All but one of them were beaten and taken away; a thing not so uncommon anymore. Men, women, and children alike are taken and killed each day for various acts of treason or law breaking. Though, these men committed the worst crime of them all; plotting to murder the King.

They had been taken to a corrections facility far away from their home, in the middle of nowhere, keeping them well away from civilization. Once there, they were starved, tortured, interrogated, and eventually hung for their crimes.

These men, despite their deaths, are real heroes. They risked their lives to try and save us all, and even though they failed, they brought on inspiration. Though it has not happened again, it just may, someday in the future, when generations have passed along, and they do not know the fear of the King.

~*~Chapter One~*~

It was still that night, not a single breath of wind. I knew something was going to happen. Something always happened when it was this eerie out. I kept up my guard, my own steps the only thing I heard. It was so strange, not the hear the sounds of people yelling and crying for help or their children. I rarely went out at night, so I wasn't used to such silence. To be honest, I'm not even allowed out at this time. No one is.

If I get caught, I could be killed.

Yet, it's for a good cause. I mean, I don't just wander around outside at night for no reason at all. I knew, though, that somewhere close by, five of my closest friends were wandering just as I was back to their homes or back into hiding. I wasn't alone, and that made me feel a little better.

Slipping alongside a building, I kept my breathing soft. It was so quiet, I was afraid that even that would get be caught. Soldiers walked tiredly down the streets, seeming to be on more of a casual walk than patrol. Coming to a half destroyed brick wall, I let my eyes peer around the corner. Ha, his back was turned. Perfect! Sucking in a hard breath, I pressed my bag to my side, and ran head on to the other side of the street to the opposite alley way. My footsteps were muffled in the soot and dirt that littered the streets, and I could only assume than ninny-wad wasn't paying any attention. Just as I had hoped, I slipped into the other alley, breathing hard. I had done this millions of times, yet it still scared me to death.

Slowing slightly, I took a deep breath, though caught it quickly when a voice called out loudly.

"Who's there?!" It was the soldier! He must have heard me, or seen my shadow. Turning quickly, I started to run, fear coursing through me quickly. I couldn't be caught, no! Running obviously wasn't a good idea, because I could hear heavy footfalls behind me, coming after me. It was hard to keep myself quiet, because I wanted to scream for help, but I knew it would only attract more.

Biting my lip closed, I ran faster, slipping around the corner of the alley. Darkness greeted me when I did, as most of the lighting in this city was horrible, and rarely any of the electric worked. Slowing a bit, I wasn't sure what to do. I hated the dark, since I couldn't see if anyone or anything was waiting on the other side for me. But, I couldn't get taken away. Not tonight. My fear of the Correction Facilities were worse than the dark. So, with a glance behind me, I plunged into it, closing my eyes for a moment.

As I started to run, I opened my eyes. It was probably stupid to close them, even if I couldn't see anything, anyway. Regardless, I still hear the soldier behind me, panting as if he was out of shape. Light started to greet me at the end of the alley, and I smiled. The end of the alley, I was almost home! Just a bit further....

"I know yer up dere!" The soldier cried in a rough voice. He didn't sound too smart, either, but I wasn't thinking about that at the moment. I was nearly at the end, and I wasn't about to loose my train of thought.

Suddenly, a hand reached out, grabbing my arm so tightly, that I almost thought I would rip my shoulder from it's socket. I was too scared to scream, a mere shuddering, silent cry falling from my lips. It didn't matter, anyway, as another hand clasped over my mouth, clamping down tightly. My captivator pressed me to their body, holding me tightly, and letting my eyes play across the shadow of the soldier.

I could see just a bit ahead of me, where the came to a stop, panting like a dog. To him, I had suddenly disappeared. Yet, he was so close, my body shook, a cold sweat falling across my neck. All he had to do was turn, and he'd see us, whomever the other one of us was.

"Bloody 'ell, dey disappeared!" He breathed out heavily, before static cut across the cool air. The soldier shifted, pulling something from within a pocket. "Repeat." He stated, obviously into a radio, unless he was crazy and talking to himself. Garbled words came across the air, and he nodded to himself. "Aye, I'll be dare..." He stated, before turning, and moving swiftly back in the direction we had come, still breathing like he ran a marathon.

When I knew he was out of earshot, I went into a frenzy, ripping the hands from my arm and mouth, before pulling away from this person. Turning, I was about to load off on the insult, when I noticed who it was, though their site made me gasp.

It was... my father!? But... he had been dead for years.

~*~ Chapter Two ~*~

It took me to longest time to move, my body almost frozen in place. No, he couldn't be.. my father had died, long ago in a raid. A short, nervous laugh fell from my lips, though I barely heard it, as my eye narrowed on his form. And then, he stepped forward a bit, coming from the shadows.

I could finally breath.

It hadn't been my father, yet instead, Rick, my brother. He resembled my father greatly, and I suppose, being caught up in the moment, I thought it was him. How could I have been so stupid... to think someone could return from the dead. Pulling my hand to the top of my head, I let my fingers run down my tangled hair, before I caught composure. I didn't want my brother to think I had lost my mind for a moment, though it wouldn't have been the first time.

Clearing my mind, I noticed the look on his face. Worried, angry, upset... expressions I weren't a stranger to. Though, this time, I wasn't going to just let myself get lectured.

"What?" It was the only thing I could come up with, in my moment of short lived bravery. With an arch to his brow, he folded his arms, his gaze locked on mine.

"What? What?! That is all you say, what?! No, thanks for saving me, thanks for protecting me. No, sorry I made you worry. All you say is what?!" His voice squeaked slightly each time he repeated my word, though for the most part was hushed. My cheeks instantly burned a deep red, my eyes shifting from his.

Since both Mom and dad had died, Rick had been taking care of me. He could have passed as my father, the way he treats me sometimes. Letting my fingers run through my hand again, it was obvious I was starting to feel uneasy. He was still gazing at me intensely, waiting for a response.

Glancing up, I tapped my fingers at the waist of my jeans, and shrugged a bit. "Sorry..." Another intelligent word I had to let slip out.

Rick scoffed a bit, before pushing past me, and moving down the alley, towards the Burbs of the city. For a moment, I just watched him, my fingers tapping onto each other in front of my chest.

"...Hey!" I cried softly, moving quickly after him. Coming to his side, I furrowed my brows at him. "I said sorry... nothing happened anyway. I could have outrun hi--" Though, I barely got the last words out, as Rick turned to me, his face furious.

"And what, Lee, would you have done if you couldn't have. Out past curfew, under-aged, and sneaking around like you are up to something... They would have taken you away in a heartbeat." His eyes delved into mine, as I shrunk slightly beneath his tall, broad form. He didn't look so mad anymore, as he did worried, and even scared.

I wasn't sure how to respond, so I didn't. I just kept silent, my eyes shifting on his. Thankfully, he took my silence as my answer, and went on.

"When they take you away, Lee, you don't come back. You of all people should know that..." Giving me on long, hard look, her turned around, and move back in the direction of our home.

For a moment, I wasn't sure how to feel, until my eyes narrowed on the back of his head. Sprinting up to him, I started talking without really thinking about what I was saying.

"Like you would care... you just want me done. One less responsibility... one less reminder of our parents, one less person you had to look out for. You wouldn't ca---"

"Shut UP!" He yelled, and twisted so fast I nearly ran into him. Staggering back, I shuddered, a cold running down my spine. Oh, God, what I would have done to take it back. His face was twisted in a mix of expressions, though mostly angered.

"Lenaya Lee Kress, don't ever say those words to my face again." His look turned to one of sadness, before he quickly turned, and moved towards home.

I stood there for the longest time, staring after him. I wasn't sure how to feel; angry, frightened, or loved. I regretted what I said... I knew Rick loved me. Since my father had died, he had to take care of both me and my mother, who never got out to see the light of day anymore. She was a lost case, since my father died. If it wasn't for Rick, I might have turned out like her...

After a moment, I followed after, moving into the twilight. Rick was just ahead, his shadowed figure slightly visible in the dark. Though, my eyes set on the houses just down the hill from where I was.

You see, the city I lived it sat atop a sort of hill, all the areas around it plunged into a valley-like terrain. It was a sight to look down on the torn and damaged homes that stretched until the smog blocked your view. At night, it was usually impossible to see anything, though it seemed that, for once, dirty clouds didn't block the full moon, which shone down along the houses, bathing them with light, since we had none of our own.

Most people in my city (and across the world, for that matter) had little to no money at all. Houses were becoming far and few between anymore, our city being one of the few in America that had them. Most families just populated the shelters set up for the homeless, though it was a price to pay, as there was no privacy, and it was merely a large warehouse with a concrete floor. At least, that's what ours was, and I doubted any other place had it better.

Our house was near the far edge, and it was easy enough to find. All the houses looked mostly the same, with chipped, white paint covering almost all of them. The lawns were just dirt, no vegetation in them unless it was fake. Some had garages, though those were either used for another bedroom, or just ignored all together, as no one could afford cars anymore, let alone find a place that sold them. Our house didn't have a garage, and it was one of the smaller ones, though it kept us safe, I guess.

Moving along the broken road down the soft slope of the hill, I watched my brother. I could tell by the way he was moving that he was mad. It's not that hard, when I've known him for 14 years. He was five years older than I was, making him a legal adult, which stated he was allowed out after curfew. Probably one of the best advantages being an adult had...

See, in our world, the King doesn't like minors out after 9:30 in your area. Looking at my old watch it was... 10:20. The meeting had run over alot, I knew, because I usually tried to get everyone out of there by 9, giving them enough time to get home. It takes about 30 minutes to walk down to the Burbs without running, which could get you taken away. That's another thing the King isn't fond off; suspicious activities, and that includes running. Sure, we can run, just not in the city, where the soldiers watch everything you do. It's not a good feeling to have, really.

With this all in mind, I sped up a bit, closing the gap between my brother and I. I didn't like walking back after night in the dark, though I had done it thousands of other times. Tonight opened my eyes though. I would just have to be more quiet, that's all.

Moving just behind my brother, I followed him to our house, before slipping inside. It was dark, of course, though with a twist of his wrist, Rick had a candle burning, the smell of a match stinging my nose.

"Here. Take this, and I want you to go to the bedroom. I'll be in there in a bit..." Thrusting the candle holder at me, and gave me a push to the only bedroom in our house. I heard him light another candle, the same smell floating to me again.

There was no complex system to how our house was laid out. Just a sitting room, small kitchen, and one bedroom. Within the bedroom was a bathroom, though we usually didn't use it since there was no plumbing in the Burbs. I shared the room with Rick, but it was easy, since there was very little in it.

I made my way into the other room, and closed the door part way. Setting the candle in it's holder on the hard floor, I moved to my edge of the room, unloading my bag, like I did each night. I didn't have alot of things... a few pairs of old clothes, a hairbrush, and other random items that I used alot. Everything would fit into my bag if I wanted it to, but I preferred the small box that was at my feet, every item placed perfectly within. Beside the box was a stack of blankets, folded neatly atop a pillow. That would be my bed, of course. Portable, small, yet warm and comfy. Picking up the blankets, I laid them out, making first the bed itself, and then tossing the thicker blanket on top. Most of the fabrics I had found in old, torn down thrift stores, though my thicker blanket was one my mother made before she died in grief.

Finishing with the pillow, I sighed, and scooted the candle away from my bed a bit. Curling up beneath my warm blanket, I lay there for a while, listening to what I hoped was Rick moving through the house. I knew I needed sleep for tomorrow, being that I had what they said was school. Yet, I felt restless. My mind was a flurry of thoughts, while my eyes watched the hypnotizing candle flame flicker softly.

I could have stayed up for days, it felt like, but it wasn't long before my brother meandered in. He didn't say anything, but merely got his own bed made up, and took the candle, blowing it out. In just a matter of moments, my entertainment was gone, and it was dark.

Turning in my blankets, I let my eyes look towards the only window of the room. The stars shined softly, while the moonlight filtered in, making the room brighter than it normally was. With my watch in my box, I wasn't sure how long I stared up at the window, but it felt like forever. Eventually, I drifted off, before falling into an uneasy sleep.

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