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I need advice bad!
"We need to talk." Possibly the most dreaded statement any person part of a couple can think of. It can mean many different things. Such as: actually you're not going to talk at all, just listen. Or, we don't even really need to talk, we're already over. Or, you left the toilet seat up one too many times. Ok, maybe not the last one, but a conversation started with these words never seems to end well.
"Ok, let's talk." Wow, you're brave. You're really going to just agree like that? Actually it's probably for the best. Get it over fast right? Or maybe you just trust your significant other. Either way, it's show time.
What happens next can best be described as...emotional. I know it's an understatement but the english language doesn't have a word for how truly terrible another human being can make you feel. How you handle it shows how much you really care about the person who decides you two "need to talk".
What if she says, "I think we should start seeing other people"? This means she already has another person in mind, or is already seeing someone else. If you really care about her, you can try to save the relationship, but at this point it's pretty well over.
Or maybe the old, "It's not you it's me"? Oh, it's soo you. End of story.
Perhaps though, it's something more meaningful, where she wants to work it out like: "We're drifting apart"? If you feel the same way, great! There's a chance you can save your realtionship, congrats! If you don't and you think you're closer than ever, maybe it's time to look at the other person.
See, I know all this and more, but yesterday she said something I didn't know how to handle....help would be appreciated.
The conversation went as follows:
Her: We need to talk.
Me:Ok, let's talk.
Her: I really love you and I love being with you, you know that right?
Me: *uh-oh* Yeah, of course, I feel the same way.
Her: That's good because...I was thinking...what do you think about getting married.
Me: Oh well I.....................MARRIED?!?!?!!?!?!
Her: Oh well, if that's how you feel...
Me: No, no! Not like that I just....
Her: Call me when you make up your mind.

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