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         It was a slow Fourth of July this year. As usual, I had to work. I was glad to get off an hour early.. After getting home at around 8:30 PM, I was bushed. I plopped in front of the computer for a few hours. I took a shower around midnight and decided to make my rounds on the Internet and then go to bed. My first stop was Myspace. My cousin had several bulletins all pleading for everyone to read his new blog. I decided to be a sport and read it, so I went to his page. My uncle had died. He died in his sleep at the early age of 41 sometime between the third and the Fourth of July 2007.
         He was a loud man, but fun. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh when he told a story. I still recall, and long to hear again the story he told at my graduation party two years ago. He was working in construction with another of my uncles, Mark. He was installing drywall and Mark being the troublemaker took a bottle of blue chalk dust and sprayed his back with the chalk. Mark had put the chalk down while they both laughed about it. So he picked it back up and crept up behind Mark. He didn’t stop pouring chalk until Mark was covered in blue, “He was a giant smurf.” This is when their boss walked into the room to check the progress. They both thought they were caught and possibly fired. That stood in silence for a few moments, a clear awkward situation. Their boss left without a word. They both worked for that man for several more years, and never once heard a word about it.
         You were very loved.

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