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A poem about a woman and her cat's day in a flower garden.
A red headed woman walks in her flower garden-
Thinking what a beautiful day!
In her garden, she sees a little red hen-
Who is scratching in the dirt and the woman chases her away.

Deer have visited here last night.
Their hoof prints are visible in the dirt.
No damage to the flowers and they are alright.
The handsome neighbor man drives by in his sports car-
honks the horn and flirts.

The woman smiles and waves.
Her cat runs through the flowers and loves to play.
Kitty runs through the roses and the new landscape that was just paved.
The woman shakes her head. Her kitty can't do this all day.

Some more flowers the woman plants in the ground.
As kitty digs up two of her roses!
Oh no! Here comes that annoying old hound!
The hound and kitty smell noses.

The handsome neighbor man calls his dog home-
After he asks the beautiful woman for a date.
She is happy to accept as she picks up her gnome-
And places him by her pretty pansies by the gate.

The woman loves her beautiful garden of flowers.
She feels so safe and the man next door she hopes is Mr. Right.
She sits on her bench and her kitty lies next to her and purrs.
She pets her kitty but it is getting late and she should get ready for her date tonight.

A gentle rain falls and the woman and her kitty go into the house.
The woman leaves for her date and the kitty plays with her toys.
Later, the tabby is asleep on the couch.
Playing in the flowers and having an owner who loves her is-
the kitty's pride and joy!
A neat Poser of me and my cats in my cozy room by best friend Angel.
A Poser of me and my flowers by best friend Angel.
Another neat Poser of me, my flowers and Tigger cat.
 Poser of me and my cat Tigger after a day in the flower garden by Angel, best friend.
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