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My thoughts on Over opinionated Atheists
Why must it every time I mention God or Faith some douche bag Atheist has to come shoot a big load of bullshit in my direction. I have Faith... I don't care what you believe and I expect the same from you. Just because I repost a bulletin that I felt was inspirational doesn't mean I need you Atheists to spit your lies and propaganda at me and my kind. Shut the fuck up you, Religion hatin, tree huggin, glory hole whores... (yes I love calling people glory hole whores) No one wants to hear what you have to say. Your opinions are next to worthless to me on this subject. Now I don't lose respect for people for just being an Atheist, it's the ones that constantly have to define their existence by bashing everyone else's. Have some respect for other people. I can guarantee you asshole haters that my IQ is higher than yours, So I don't need your help with my beliefs on life. Get a fucking clue, and shut the fuck up.
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