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seeing people for who they are
Color Blind

Color blind,
seeing black, seeing white
they seem different,
but they aren’t so,
just shades of the same human race.
I think I’ll say
that the world is gray.
Gray, gray, it’s all the same.
But, why would anyone want that?
They’d miss out on the beautiful different cultures
the different colors and backgrounds.
I’m not color blind
I see the colors of the world
but that’s not all I see.
I try to see inside, what a person is like.
I wish the world would have assimilated sooner.
They spent so much time fussing and fighting
that they missed out on years of cultural beauty.
Treat everyone the same, with respect.
We are all here together and will be until the sun
stops shining and the earth freezes over.
Why fight your brothers and sisters, your fellow humans?
Don’t be color blind, and don’t see just color.
Open your eyes to what matters.
See what you can’t see,
A heart, a soul, see the person underneath the color.
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