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The fraction of incident sunlight reflected from an object

Too much now floats
unspoken, between us,
though we have been as close
as the bitter white membrane
dividing rind and fruit.
What meter can gauge
the fraction of incident sunlight
we have reflected
off one another?
Your wavelength vibrates
the infrared spectrum.
Mine oscillates to blue.
We should never have treaded
into the dark surfaces
of open water
but remained in the safety
of the shallows
far away
from the lengthening shadows.

albedo (al-BEE-doh) noun

1. The fraction of light reflected from a body or surface. For example, earth's albedo is around 0.39.

2. The white, spongy inner lining of a citrus fruit rind.

[From Latin albedo (whiteness), Latin albus (white).]

Prompt Subject: Make New Friends, But Keep the Old (see requirements)
Word(s) to use: reflect(ing, s)
Word(s) not to use: friend(s), friendship, buddy(ies), pal(s), relationship, best
Other requirements/restrictions: Write about any aspect of friendship, at least 15 lines.

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