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when the rapture comes, I'm stayin' on the bus
*Flower1* Happily Left Behind *Flower2*

When the rapture comes
I will not budge.
I'm staying on the bus
with all the rest of us
happily left behind.

As quick as they can say
spirited away
we'll have our new Jesus maps
sitting in our laps,
social policies to unwind.

Peace and justice for all
will still be our call,
and the healing of our planet.
We'll be done with fundamentalism, damn it,
and back to using our minds.

Prompt Subject: Your Two Cents (Give me your opinion on any topic)
Word(s) to use: quick
Word(s) not to use: opinion(s), opinionated, think(ing,s), feel(ing,ings,s)
Other requirements/restrictions: Pick something you have a strong opinion about and make sure you state your opinion. At least 15 lines.

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