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A troll falls in love with a Princess. Can they find happiness?
Princess Colleen was a beautiful red headed woman of seventeen years. She was sweet to everyone and loved by all who knew her. The troll Davon noticed her as well and he was in love with her. He wasn't your typical ugly troll. He had brown hair and no beard like most trolls. He was sad. He had blue piercing eyes and Princess Colleen thought he was some what handsome for being a troll. She was fond of him. She loved to help the cooks at the castle bake cakes and she would always bring Davon a big piece of chocolate cake. Davon loved that about Colleen. She would pat his hand and ask him how he was. Her smile warmed his heart as his smile warmed her heart.

Davon had a secret. He wasn't always a troll. Love's tears would release his curse. He didn't know what that phrase meant. The mean gypsy he had encountered years ago told him that Love's tears would release him. Davon lived in a neat brick cottage by the bridge with his brown lab dog Benson. The villagers would pay Davon to use the bridge. No one feared him. He was liked by all except Count Andre. Count Andre loved Princess Colleen and hated the friendship between Davon and Colleen. Colleen disliked the Count. He was rude and full of himself. Andre wanted Davon out of the picture. He hated when Davon gave the Princess flowers and kissed her hand. The worst part was Colleen enjoyed the troll's attentions and since when was a troll good looking? Oh yes. Andre hated that troll. The troll didn't like the arrogant Count, either.

Colleen didn't like how the Count hogged her at the dances at the castle's balls. She wished the Count would disappear with the wind. She danced with knights and they were so friendly and respectable. Her father King Richard didn't really like Andre but he had the most to offer his daughter but her father would never make her marry Andre. Surely there was someone for her. Colleen was on her way to see Davon. She had some more cake for him and scraps for his dog. Colleen made her way to Davon's cottage. Davon came out of the cottage and smiled at Colleen. Benson ran up to Colleen and she patted his head as he licked her face.

"I have some more chocolate cake for you. I have some meat from the kitchen for Benson."

Davon bowed. "Thank you, my Lady. Benson and I are always honored by your presence."

Colleen laughed. "Get up. You don't have to bow to me, silly." She wished the troll would have been a human. She had feelings for him that she had to hide.

Davon got back up and offered her his arm. "I have new flowers to show you on the other side of the bridge. There are more flowers growing then I have ever seen before. Colleen took his arm and they walked to the other side of the bridge with Benson following them.

Andre was on the hill on his black horse. He was angry. He would take care of this troll today. He rode his horse to the other side of the bridge. It sounded like thunder.

Colleen and Davon looked at Andre and knew there was going to be trouble. Andre got off his horse and smiled his evil smile. "My Dear Princess. This is your lucky day." He took a hold of Colleen's hand. "It is time for us to marry. Your father will approve because I have a lot to offer. I promise Colleen that I will make you happy."

Colleen was appalled. She threw Andre's hand aside and exclaimed: "I would rather eat dirt!" She slapped Andre's face.

Andre roughly grabbed Colleen's arm and raised his fist. Benson attacked Andre and Davon threw a bucket of water on him. Andre fell to the ground but got back up and took out his sword. "So, you little troll. You want to fight? I am ready for a little puke like you!" Andre took his sword and plunged it into Davon's heart. Colleen screamed in horror. Other people who lived in the village witnessed this scene. Benson ran to Andre and bit his leg. Colleen went and took Benson and ran to Davon. She didn't want Andre to hurt Benson. Davon was bleeding profusely and Colleen knew it was the end for her little troll. She cried so openly. "Davon, don't leave me. I love you. I have been in love with you all along. I don't care if you are a troll. You are the one I wish to be with."

"I love you, too, Princess Colleen. You have known that all along. Don't cry. I promise I won't die. We will be together." Colleen hugged the troll and her tears were falling on his wound. Suddenly, small sparks appeared and Davon's wound disappeared. He was healed and was alright. Davon changed into an handsome knight. Long brown hair and blue eyes. He was the most gorgeous man Colleen had ever seen! She was so shocked! "What happened?" she whispered. Benson whined and wagged his tail. Davon petted Benson and kissed Colleen passionately.

Davon ended the kiss and smiled. " I was a knight in your Great Grandfather King Daniel's army. A gypsy woman put a curse on me. She was in love with me. I liked her and was honest with her. I didn't love her and I never gave her any idea that I did. She was angry and put the troll curse on me. She said only love's tears would break the curse. Your tears and love have freed me from my curse." Colleen smiled and hugged Davon. It felt so good to hug him as a man. Davon got down on one knee. "Princess Colleen, I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

Colleen smiled and cried tears of happiness this time. "Of course, I will marry you. I love you so much!" Davon and Colleen shared another kiss. She loved his kisses. She had never kissed a man before. Andre watched from the distance in shock. Luckily, the knights were in the area and Colleen and Davon ran over to them. She told that what Andre had done and told them about Davon. The knights took Andre back to the castle and he was thrown in the dungeon.

King Richard gave his Princess a big wedding and Davon and Colleen were so happy. They lived at the castle with Benson who loved to roam the woods near by. Davon and Colleen had two children a girl and a boy. They all lived happily ever after.
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