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One of the many reasons I hate cancer
Breasts can be too small.
Breasts can be droopy and sag.
Often, one breast is bigger than the other.
Breasts can be way too big.
Breast can be too far apart.
Some breasts have inverted nipples.

Women we are funny.
We know that we are more than the sum of our parts, but we spend a lot of time agonizing over them.

Breasts are part of sexuality, womanhood.
Breasts are femininity, they are an integral part of us, they represent us on different individual scales.
Some time in your 20's, you get comfortable with your breasts, you may not be totally satisfied with them, but you are certainly used to them by now... they are yours, and they're not going anywhere!

Or are they?

Can you imagine being robbed of one or both of your breasts?
Feeling mutilated and negatively altered?
Feeling disfigured and lost.

Did you ever imagine a time when those uneven breasts with the inverted nipples would seem like the most perfect breasts? You will never realize how perfect your breasts are until you face losing them.

I hate cancer.

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