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Reflection of WW II communications. 11 syll. per line, 16 line total
Letters let him know what's happening back home.
Three or four letters, or just a single page.
Notes sent from girlfriends to men at the front line.
He kept all of their letters yellowed with age.

Finding old letters back during the big war.
Seems to be a big craze, or all the new rage!
Now I regret ever posting that memo...
In auction are my letters, yellowed from age.

What could any old messages be worth now?
Sitting with a frown, writing this lonely stage.
Days turn to years as time tries to reconcile.
Memories left of letters yellowed with age.

Lost in the present; the future uncertain.
The nature of man is the hardest to gauge.
Of what's now - could've been, or at least worthwhile
All is gone except yellowed letters from age.
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