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by Harry
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A free verse poem about aerial water vapors.
Aerial water vapor is the paint
Mother Nature uses to enliven
the sky’s cerulean canvas.
Sky-borne moisture condenses
to form water droplets or ice crystals
that aggregate, sometimes into
a wispy stream that flows rapidly
across the tall, blue background,
metamorphing as it goes,
shining white from the sun’s rays.

Larger formations decorate
to perfection the azure backdrop
as puffy cotton balls, gently floating
along on a fine summer’s day.
Lying in the grass, watching these
aerial displays, comforts Man’s soul
and frees his mind from everyday
worries that cloud his mind.

Water droplet assemblies add
glory to sunrises and sunsets
by broadcasting spectacular red,
orange, purple, and peachy hues,
filling onlookers with awe at these
fiery, but brief, aerial masterpieces.

Denser, dark and gloomy, gray
sheets of water droplets block out
the sun on occasion. When the droplets
reach suitable size, they fall to earth,
returning the water to whence it came.
Simple water vapors serve to create
amazing aerial art each earthy day.

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