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Written especially for Sherri Gibson's NEW CONTEST using her prompt title.


God had been working hard for six days
and considered his work almost done.
He created the oceans and mountains,
the trees, the blue sky and bright sun.

He knew that the land needed water
so He created a life-saving gift of rain
and He created all creatures on earth
from magnificent ones to the plain.

The angels applauded his efforts,
with the exception of a very small one.
The little angel looked at the gray sky
and said all that rain was 'no fun'.

The other angels were shocked to hear
any criticism of the Lord God on high
and began to admonish the little one,
but God smiled at the little one's cry.

He said "Go fetch me your crayons!"
and the little angel did as he was told.
"The colors will be a perfect gift of love
for the people, both young and old."

He held the crayons in His hand,
then sent them, as the story goes,
to the sky below when the rain ended.
He created the beautiful rainbows!

Holding the little angel on his knee,
He spoke in tones soft and low,
"A world without rainbows is sad!
Those colors belong down below!"

On the seventh day, God rested.
He surveyed His creation with pride
and from that day on, the rainbows
ease the pain people hold inside.

A sig gifted me by Sherri Gibson


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