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A brief article about Bobby Flay.
I'm in Love With Bobby Flay

I can't help it. Even though I am 65, can't eat five percent of what he cooks, and he wouldn't notice me in a crowd of two, I'm in love with Bobby Flay. Never heard of him? Darling, move your dial to the Food Network.com and watch his shows. There's 'Boy Meets Grill,' 'Throwdown with Bobby Flay,' 'Iron Chef' and more. I can't get enough of him.

He's young, arrogant, and he can cook. What a combination! :) I would love to visit one of his shows. There should be a 'Make a Wish' foundation for seniors with one foot in the grave. My one foot would be making its way to see Bobby Flay. I heard he married that Stephanie who is an ADA on Law&Order. That's OK. I like her too, and I just want to visit his show. That's all one can want at my age anyway.

I love Emeril too, and Alton, Robert, Michael and even Ina, but Bobby... oh my, that boy knows his way around a grill!

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