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When I was three-My Daddy lost his way
When I was three and
sitting on my daddy’s knee
he said to me-
Danny, I love you now
more than you will ever know
but tomorrow, to war I must go

Come now and see your little white pony
that Daddy bought for you
he may be a little slow
but for your safety
he needs to be that way

While I'm away
Grandpa will teach you
how to feed him his hay
and walk him down to the bay.

Grandpa, what did daddy do
when mommy went away?
Danny, you were too young to know
that is why daddy went to war.

So many days have come and gone
still I do not know
when my daddy will return
to hold me close again

Now two years later
I sit upon my pony
waiting at the gate
for my daddy to come home

Too late for me to hear the news
family and friends are at the wake
I’m crying in the stables
unable to control myself
knowing I will never again see
my daddy sitting on his horse next to me.

My life fell apart that day
when I had nothing more to say
to my pony- who ran away.

Twenty years today
I sit and stare at the page so bare.
Lord of mercy
please help me understand
pain and loss are part of life-
Not an easy read to write.
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