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A short piece about dealing with love.
I suffered from the pain of an empty heart for many years. One failure after another added weight to what was already a heavy emotional load. I hoped to find that one special person that would fill the void and give my life new meaning. Alas, each relationship ended with the Dagger of Disappointment thrust into my being, filling me with the same emotional pain I have felt far too many times.

I gave up my pursuit. I no longer cared, and I slowly entered a state of denial. Never again did I think love would penetrate what had become an icy heart. I refused to let anybody in, not wanting that awful feeling anymore. I started the single life, dealing with the emotional misery that a hole in your heart provides.

My relationship-free existence carried on for years. Only in the deepest recesses of my mind existed the desire to be with someone. The memories of past failures always kept me down. I didn't want to give up my dream to embrace the one emotion that had eluded me for so long, but my pursuit had slowed down to a mere crawl. Eventually, my search came to a complete halt.

A couple of years ago, on a day that started out like most others, everything changed. There was a woman that had a search of her own going on, leading her to me. We talked, spent time together, and got to know each other a little. The two of us decided to begin a relationship, letting the cards fall where they may. A few weeks went by, and I started to feel something inside me that had been dormant for years. The wall of ice around my heart started melting, and my insides warmed. Love was returning to the surface. I forgot how good it felt, and I hoped it would continue. 

I was happy, feeling on top of the world for nearly three months. Notice I said “I”. Apparently things were not the same for my counterpart. In a sad moment, late one evening, I was face to face with an old friend, the Dagger. I found myself traveling down the one road I knew all too well, Heartbreak Boulevard. The only difference is now I know it’s not a dead end street. For now I shall drift alone, still looking for the missing piece.

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