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This is a story which my family and I got saved from a disaster while we were on a trip.
         The day arrived. It was dawn and scheduled for a journey to an uninhabited island.  Everyone, including me, were preparing items for the trip at noon. Let's see... I packed in my favorite pink dresses, story books and my cosmetics, but my hair wasn't obeying me.I went in front of the mirror for a recheck. My strawberry pink, big eyes still looked sleepy, my eye lashes looking shorter. My white, crystal face looked un-fresh and oily. At the same time, my bloody red, glossy long hair was curly and untidy. So off I went to the bathroom, cleared my mess, came out and started checking my bag pack again.
         After an instant mom yelled, "Hurry up ! We're about to take off on the greatest trip of out lives!" Dad said with his calm and soft voice, "We'll certainly never forget this one!"
         After the lunch, we all headed to the Ferry and our own launch was in front of us. The tide was low. It was as warm as summer. The launch was like a house. It was pink in color with red roses. Toilets, a kitchen, a sitting room and bedrooms were there.
         We all jumped with joy. My sisters and I, went to the bedroom and stayed to chat, while Dad and Brother; Kenly were driving the launch. Mom was decorating the Kitchen with her slim, long and white-skinned hands. It was drifting for a full twelve hours.
         After a long time, we looked outside and we could see the faint outline of an island. We all screamed merrily. While on the way, suddenly, we lost sight. Dad started panicking.  Ken stared into the horizon with a curious twinkle in his bright, blue eyes.
         Shortly, mom came to us with four fishing baits and we all went for fishing. Not a second, I caught a fish. My sisters yelled-out with wonder; they didn't think I could catch a fish. I felt like whooping but I was too tired to do so.
         Because of my tiredness, I accidentally drank all the water bottles and one was left. As soon as I knew what was I doing, I kept the last bottle far from me.
         Another half day went without doing anything. We all went to sleep. Soon, everyone was sleeping except me. I couldn't sleep.

         After a while of tossing and turning, I glanced outside the window and gasped to see waves rising up against the windows in a sudden rush. Within seconds, the water rushed into our boat! "Dad! Mom!" I screamed in terror. I held my breath, watching in utter disbelief as they rushed into the boat. It was like a bad nightmare. I could only watch in slow motion as my family sat-up, astonished and bewildered. The waves were too quick, before we could do anything, it engulfed the room.  Our screams were lost in the roar of the furious waves. After what seemed like hours, the waves gave-up and receded back into the ocean, leaving behind our shivering, rigid bodies. We were still shocked; everyone was shivering. Though we were shaken-up, we were also relieved at the same time.

          Along with dad, mom and Ken, I stepped out onto the deck cautiously. Outside, the waves still threatened to leap up and crash into our boat any minute. I could still taste the salt water that filled my mouth when the wave had rushed-in. Inside, my sisters were trying to dry our belongings which had got drenched with salt water.

"What was that?" I asked dad and mom, who were eerily silent.

"I think it's a hurricane..." It was Ken who whispered.


"Come on, we have to steer the boat, Ken, give me a hand. Quick." Dad stated firmly, and briskly made his way to the hull.

Mom rushed inside, calling to my sisters. I just stood motionless, staring into the furious waves. It had been so calm when we set out. Though I couldn't see a hurricane, I did notice the grey sky and chilly wind.

{to be cont.}

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