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Why is life so hard
Why is life hard these days? My life is with always whys. I am a good person and i was a good mother and wife. So why was it all taken from me in a blink of an eye. I have a life with always a cloud around me. I met a person that i thought he was the one. But i was wrong. That person Drank his life away and took me half way with him, because of his dam drinking. I lost my two beautiful girls, because of his drinking. My heart ask why, is drinking so important then your family WHY? My oldest said that dad touched her in her privates. And that hurts because i was not there to see what happen and my heart is sad because i could not protect her from something i did not know . Department of human services took my two girls away and wants to take my rights away. They believe that i knew about it and i did not do anything about it. Why is life unfair, I have not seen my girls in four and a half years.
My life has not been the same without my baby's. I know in my heart and in my soul that i would of not let something like that happen to my daughter. I was a mother that always worrierd about my girls. Why? My girls are moveing to foster care to foster care. My oldest wants to come home and then she states if not can i be adoped .Why? My littile one is suffering from Depresstion and sleep walks at night. Why? Is there a GOD. My hope is getting low I fight and fight but i don't know how much i could tell them and prove to them that i would not let something like that happen to them. Why is it that i feel like it is the end of the world. Somebody tell me Why. I pray everyday but sometime i just can't . I think that sometime the Department of human serves has to much power. If there is somebody out there that agrees with me. Tell me about your thoughts about them. and WHY

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