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this is about my Shannon stories
Shannon's Life

As you may know Shannon is a female firefighter, but you may wonder what is running though her mind as she runs into a burning building or on her way to a accident. Well ill tel you what is going through her mind. Its difficult to explain but what going through a firefighters mind is: “is this a working fire or a false alarm” or “is there really someones life in danger or is this someone who is waiting for us with a 2x4 or a gun”... you may be someone that supports your local fire department but a lot of people do go crazy and yes some get really crazy and wait for them with a gun wanting to kill or injure them...
well my name is Jess I'm a 17 year old i am a high school student, i started writing about “Shannon” because she is a female doing a job that not very many females think they can do... Shannon is just a name i came up with, I'm sure there is a Shannon firefighter but i don't know her...
my stories are to get females out there do the job they want to do. Don't let anything get in the way of that... females think they can't do a profession because they are female, that isn't the case at all females can do what ever they choice to be... if you are a female and want to be a Truck Driver... Go for it... if you want to be a auto mechanic... do for it... if you want to be a firefighter get out there.. just remember if there is anything you wanna do don't let anything get in the way of it... life is to short to just pass stuff by... try to get over your fears... your probably thinking “ya a 17 year old telling me what to do. Ha ha” I'm not telling you what to do. Yes I'm a 17 year old but i have learned so much over my years of living.
I've learned to stay close with your family cause you never know if you will see them again.. I've gotten over my fear of heights... spiders on the other hand... well thats why i have a can of raid. But just remember if someone tries to give you advice listen it doesn't matter how old they are you never know it could change your life... well in till next time my friends have a wonderful day
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