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The memory of April.
My life was empty without the love of my friends: Megan, Taylor, Whitney, and April. My blank life was colored by the joyful memories we shared together, and I was changed from a mild girl to an energetic, confident young woman. Without their care, I could not survive. Our friendship was the ship that could resist any enormous obsctacles and that could strengthen our souls.

Unfortunately, the perfectness of this freindship faded. We planned to spend our summer vacation hiking in a mountain. We agreed that Megan and I should buy the equipments required and the others should prepare for the payments of the bus and the tents. My stomach twisted when my parents called me to go home because the plan was canceled. When I arrived, my heart jumped when I heard, "There was an accident." I wished I didn't hear those words.

I tried to wake myself up from this nightmare. Everything was going to be fine, I convinced myself. But the situation was worse. Although Taylor and Whitney had several injuries, they survived. But why did not anyone tell me about April? Suddenly, inside my heart already knew what happened to her but I did not want to hear. The words were coming out and burdening me. I closed my ears tightly. I felt like falling into a black, endless hole.

And I was back to that memory. I blurted all my lies to her. From that instance, I knew I was going to lose her because I had been talking behind her back. Rather, she hugged me and whispered to my ears,"I forgive you." Forgiveness was the best gift and April made my heart a whole one.

But why did God take her away from me? We are all hurt when she departed from us--No! I have to escape from this nightmare! These evil thoughts must be erased from my mind. I couldn't believe I was there attending her funeral, looking at her cold and lifeless. It is dreadfully hard to say goodbye to my April..
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