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I'm screaming, silently, do you hear me?
Everything turns cold,
I feel a pain,
I scream, do you hear me?
A silent cry for help

Deep inside I'm hurting,
I'm crying out in pain,
You are the one who'll help me,
Please save me from myself,

When all the world is silent,
With my tears glistening down my cheeks,
I feel so alone right now,
Please come, help me along,

Frozen in time,
A love we hold,
Me screaming for you, be here?
Life seems less sacred without you by my side;

Population down by one,
Love that is torn is now far gone,
Broken hearts, do you feel inside?
Do you hear my silent crys?

I need some kind of rescue,
Please be my one and only,
I need you here with me,
Don't hurt me by saying no,

Just be here,
I need you,
My screams are getting louder,
My fear is becoming real.
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