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One night in the arms of Calipso and a poem of love spanning 22 years.
Shoulders bowed, weary of burdens borne unshared
he follows a path that is wraith prepared.
A vision from his past and a promise of forever
keep him moving away from sirens who lie so clever.

Her house by the side of the road stands strong, though unpainted
and she, lonely within, gazes out through curtains age tainted.
Behind her one candle of memory flickers 'gainst the fading light.
She sighs and turns to face the demons of yet another heartbreak night.

Once he had walked the straight road of life's true call,
but in a moment of weakness, followed the Piper's song.
Kindred spirit to Odysseus and his Calypso fate
he is decades from home and his soul felt place.

Once the Fates had woven her tapestry with vibrant color,
but that fickle trio then led astray the one who loved her.
Now time has dimmed the passion of her forever eyes
and demons of solitude taunt her with fiendish cries.

When the path he follows crosses a well worn road,
He, confused, moments turn to minutes, shifts his load.
His choices are three.  His path... left, or perhaps right...
then he sees the house unpainted, with beckoning light.

Tonight has passed like a thousand times eight before
until she hears a knock, and a voice at her door.
With an aching heart she answers, despite her fears
and gazes upon her love, gone two and twenty years.

Now, hearts free from sorrow, they walk side by side
leaving behind the house unpainted where demons abide.
Each loving the other, both souls have been mended
and their hearts rejoice, for their odyssey has ended.
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