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This is some old poetry from back when I still wrote poetry. check it out.
#1--Scraps of Paper
I wrote this while on cleanup duty at a campsite, hence the title.  People tell me it should be a rap.

These are the eyes that scrutinize
all the things the size
of flies,
I can see through all their lies.
Even a disguise
that mystifies
is no disguise,
it's no surprise,
before these eyes.

A red-themed paisley bandanna inspired this poem.  in it, I play heck with compositional rules

my pain
pantomiming entertain-
ment always playing
massive postal all insane
curious relation:  Cain
those abhorrent ascertain
fury's milling weathervane
steam train
moving my pain
all circumference in my brain
psyche's fight gone down the drain
emotional stain
here abstain
here be slain

I never finished this one, and probably never will because I have no idea what i was talking about.  judging from my notes, it might have been a song.

Fury's curiosity
waning mediocrity
It's mysterious
most delerious
all oblivious
feeling fine
when I am dying
feeling my insanity
give my sign
when I am crying
failing in simplicity
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