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by Eiji
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I come, to the family of Writing.Com
I come to a family long lost
many paths have I taken.
Some with cunning deceit,
others with empty promises.
Welcome me with open arms
for I am weary and at wit's end.

Some hands extend their love,
in me they simply trust.
For you, I'll always have
a special place within my heart.
Others wait cautiously
like a shephard before his flock.
Yet I blame you not
for I would have done the same.

Your writings of young and old
my eyes have beheld
written on your walls of hope
sank deep within my heart.
Like beacons they guided me
to this place I'd like to call home.

Like an apprentice to his master
a student to his mentor
I come on bended knee.
Nurture me and instruct me
on all life's ins and outs.

When I err chastise me not
with scorpions' stings and venomous tongues.
But with words of encouragement
yet you must be firm.
For my heart has become sensitive
like rose petals in the desert sun.

For you I'll do the same
to judge the works put before me.
But now is not the time
for still I'm just a babe, not strong enough to stand.
But I assure you, my tongue will always utter
words of encouragement and always with honesty.

Like an uncouth cad I come
from life's muck and mire
but yet I bring you gold.
I say this not of arrogance
for this gold is not mine to keep
but a gift from above, that Id like to share.

Words of gold to ease life's pain
and wet the thirsty tongue.
Uplift the downtrodden
and bring hope to the destitute.
Unending gifts he gives to me
for his barns are always full.

So I pray to all
turn me not away
or back to life's abyss I go
looking for another path
to share this gift of gold.

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