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The story is about what would happen when you get in water with salt in it.
Once there were two friends. Their name was Josh and Mason. They were in school, it was 3th period. They were in Pre-Algebra.

When the bell ring it was time to go to 4th period. 40 minutes later, they were doing their homework. Until someone started a fight. Everybody was punching and grabbing each other. Josh and Mason got out with out a scratch.

Here come Josh coach of the swimming team came. He told him that the swimming pool was for him to practice. When they got there, Josh bet that he could swim across the fizzy water. So Manson pour some Fizz-All in the pool.

Then Josh dive in the fizzy water and swim across. When he stop, he was floating an he wasn't laying back. Manson look at the back of the box and it said that this stuff have salt in it. The bell ring an it was time for lunch.

So Josh change in his normal clothes. Josh and Mason walk to their locker. They grab their lunch and headed tours the cafeteria. They said that they got something for their project next week.
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