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    Once upon a time in a big, green meadow far, far away lived a family of little white lambs.
    All day long, the littlest lamb would play games with his older brother and older sisiter. Together they would play tag and chase the big colorful butterflies that flew by through the feilds and over the big hills at the edge of the meadow. The three little lambs had so much fun playing their games together. They would laugh and sing all day long. The littlest lamb was sad though, he was smaller than his older brother and sister. His older brother and sister could jump higher and run faster than he could.
    When the sky turned dark, when the moon came over the hills and all the stars started to twinkle, the little lambs knew it was time to go to bed and they would continue playing their games in the morning. That night, the littlest lamb was having trouble going to sleep. He kept thinking about how everyone else could do things better than he could. The littlest lamb wished on a star that one day he could be just like his brother and sister, run faster and jump higher than they could. He knew it was only a dream. being able to do the things like all the other lambs in the meadow. He decided he was going to count the stars in the midnight sky, with hope that it would help him fall asleep..
    "One..two..three..." the littlest lamb started to count. " four... five........six" he said with a big yawn. His eyes started to close, but they popped right back open.
    As the little lamb was about to start counting the little white stars again, an old man appeared.
    The old man was tall with snow white hair, kind green eyes and a very kind smile. The man was dressed in a long white coat with gold trim around the neck and sleeves. The man was carrying a small gold sack. 
    "Who are you?" asked the littlest lamb.
    "I am the Sandman" the old man replied.  The Sandman reached into his gold sack and pulled out a small handful of magic sleeping sand, he sprinkled the sand over the littlest lamb. As the sand fell from the Sandman's hands, it glistened in the moonlight over the littlest lamb's head.  Soon the littlest lamb's eyes would close and he would be fast asleep. Little did the littlest lamb know that soon he would be going on an adventure to a new place. This new place was called Dreamaby Bay.
    When the littlest lamb opened his eyes again, he was lying under a big Oak tree.  The littlest lamb got up on his feet and looked around. He looked up at the tree. It was so big and tall. The branches of the tree seemed to cover the field like a huge umbrella, that shaded the ground where the littlest lamb was standing. The sky above the tree was no longer dark with the stars twinkling, it was blue with puffy white clouds.
    The little lamb walked out from under the tree's shade and there stood the Sandman.
    " Where am I ?" asked the littlest almb.
    " You are in Dreamaby Bay, where all your dreams can come true. You can do anything you want to do or you can be anyone you want to be."
    The littlest lamb looked around the grassy, green field. To his left, he saw big green hills and when he looked to his right, he saw a field giant, yellow sunflowers. The littlest lamb remembered what the Sandman told him ' you can do what you want or be who you want to be.' There was so much that the littlest lamb wanted to do, he could not decide what to do first.
    He stood by the tree, looked to his left then to his right and back to his left. ' run up the hills or run through the sunflowers' the littlest lamb thought to himself. Like someone bumped the littlest lamb, he started running toward the big green hills. He was running faster than his older sister and older brother. The littlest lamb smiled to himself. As he ran through the field, he scared the grasshoppers that were sleeping in the tall grass.
    When the littlest lamb got to the bottom of the big hill, he ran up the side and stopped. He looked up at the blue sky and the puffy white clounds that floated by. The littlest lamb crouched down and started to roll down the backside of the hill. He was having so much fun, that all he could do was laugh. He laughed all the way down the hill. When the littlest lamb got to the bottom of the hill he was dizzy and still laughing. He tried to stand up, but he just fell right back down. Everything was spinning around and around.
    After everything finally quit spinning, he was able to walk again. The littlest lamb got to his feet and started to stroll across a field filled with little white daisies. He was headed for the field of giant yellow sunflowers. As he walked he saw beautiful butterflies sitting on the daisies. The butterflies looked as if they were playing follow the leader. The butterflies were in a staight line one behind the other. One of the butterflies would fly off and the others would follow. They flew over the littlest lamb's head and into the blue sky.
    The littlest lamb walked up to the field of giant sunflowers and looked up. The sunflower he walked up to was so tall that it looked like it was touching the sky. As the little lamb looked up at the sunflower, he saw a shadow of something sitting on it. So he jumped up to get a better look at it. When he jumped up, he jumped higher than his older brother and older sister. Again the littlest lamb smiled to himself. He liked being able to do things like they did.
    When he jumped up, he saw a the tiny frogsitting on the sunflower. The frog look up when he saw the littlest lamb. The tiny frog jumped off of the sunflower,where he was napping, onto the ground and looked up at the littlest lamb.
    " Would you like to play a game with me?" the tiny frog asked.
      " Yes, I would. What would you like to play?" replied the littlest lamb.
    "How about chase?" said the tiny frog.
    " Okay, that sounds like fun" said the littlest lamb with a smile.
    " You can chase me first" said the tiny frog with a ribbit.
    "Ready, set, go." Said the littlest lamb with a laugh.
    Off went the tiny frog and the littlest lamb following close behind. The tiny frog started to hop through the sunflowers. He was weaving in and out between the big green stalks of the sunflowers, still withthe littlest lamb a close second behind him. They were having so much fun that all the littlest lamb could do was laugh.
      As the littlest lamb and the tiny frog came out of the field he saw the Sandman again.
    " It is time for you to go back home." the Sandman told the littlest lamb.
    " Okay, goodbye tiny frog. I hope to see you again." said the littlest lamb.
    The littlest lamb was sad to hear that he had to go home, he asked the Sandman, "when may come back and play?"
    The Sandman smiled his gental smile and replied " You can come back when ever you close your eyes and dream. Always remember, when you are in Dreamaby Bay anything can happen, you can visit new places and be anyone you want to be."
    The littlest lamb smiled at the Sandman, " how do I get home?"
    " Just close your eyes my little hushaby, and you will be on your way back home before you know you even left."
    The littlest lamb did as the Sandman said, he closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep again.
    When the big orange sun came over the big hill, the sunshine touched the littlest lamb's eyes. As he slowly opened them he saw his family standing nearby grazing on the green grass for breakfast, he was home again. At first the littlest lamb did not understand what had happened lastnight. Then he smiled, he understood what Dreamaby Bay was. It had all been a dream. A wonderful dream and adventure.
    So tonight when it is time to go to sleep remember to close your eyes and let the Sandman take you away to Dreamaby Bay, where you can dream the whole night away. Where will your dreams take you tonight?   
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