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a poem by jaws, he's a pal
I'm gonna make you scared
gonna puke your guts
my name resounds
you may not know it
but you know the fear
whether you're 2 or 202
you know I'm a shark
you know I'll only die
when you say a heroic line like
"open wide!!!" and you're desperate
I'll kill 5 or more before
I die
you may escape
but your mind won't.
My name is Jaws,
And I don't believe
we've formally met
cause if we had
you'd be weary
you'd be scared
but you would
be a friend
you see me you're scared
I see you I'm scared
but when we understand each other
when we team up
hell and the devil incarnate
will not stand in our way
be scared
be cautious
but respect me
and I'm the best friend
you will ever know
you are the naziz
I am che Guevara
I am not good but
I hate the bad
Don't be bad
respect your Jaws.
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