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Outline of my possible book
*Note5**Note5**Note5*This is a WIP of an outline for a novel. I have a real hard time with names (and writing all together) so any suggestions are appreciated. *Note5**Note5**Note5*

Background information:
          History: ?The First War? In the beginning of time there were two races of men: Those who called themselves Good (white-blooded) and those who called themselves Evil(black-blooded). They, of course, are natural enemies and eventually war broke out. Battle after battle finally the good people took control over the all of the land; the evil men were all but eliminated. The good rejoiced and praised their god, but time moves on.
          The separation The good people after many centuries forgot about the “First War” as well as the evil men. When the evil men began to emerge out of hiding, the good people could not make up their minds. Some tried to understand who they were and were pretty much successful. Some believe that they should just leave them alone “let us all live in perfect harmony with each other in this perfect world” Other’s felt that war was their only possible action to ensure safety. The Ancients, a group of nine elite Elves *note; elves are simply long lived and very powerful men*, and knew the evil men’s tactics as they have experienced it before. The Ancients struggled to keep their kingdom from splitting, but all of their attempts failed. In order to preserve the pure Good race, they created a paradise of their own that the Ancients were not allowed to commerce with any other race, not even those with white blood.
Back on the original lands, the pure white blood all the good people shared began to change. Their new colors of their blood seem to correspond with their own beliefs. Red, the color of the fire that can both heal and destroy, turned out to be the color of those who understand the evil and their purpose they never had practiced it, only understood it. Blue, the color of the sky and the water... Green, the color of all the plants on the earth...
         The Great War As the Evil threat became very apparent to the now colorful and split good people realized, they realized that they must work together in order to save the land. Majority saw the need to combine forces to defeat the common enemy. Humans, on the other hand, felt that what this course of action is an evil plan to get rid of the evil. "Good people should be better than the Evil. You are doing just as they would." One day, a few very angered humans decided to take action "protesting" their point. Things got out of hand. This was the first time in all of history that good blood was spilt by the hands of another good blooded person and the result was not good. This caused a catastrophic explosion that destroyed almost all of the good land and leaving very few good people alive. Evil people, having to do very little, now control most of the lands. It was the good people's turn to hide from their enemy. Humans ran founded a new world for themselves to rule as they wished, as the rest of the good people tried to keep the little land that they salvaged.
There are three known races known to day human (red blooded), good (white blooded) and evil (black blooded).
          Races: Good people do not lie, murder, steal, or anything of the sort. They have never felt jealousy, temptation, or anything like that towards their own kind. Their white blood is lethal if it is combined with red human blood with the intention of hatred, but if combined with love and sacrifice, the blood becomes makes a powerful protection for all good and human people. If combined permanently such as in a child with honest love, the child will become a Half, the original most powerful good person. If a child is conceived between a good and a human without honest love, the child, that still has the power of a Half, will easily be corrupted and will turn evil.
                   Evil people are much like the good. Only real difference is that their view point, they should conquer the world, is above any other standards. They will commit "crimes" if it helps in their own expansion. Also, those that are evil cannot lie.
                   Humans were once part of the original white race. Events, as mentioned above, separated them and made them who they are to day.
          Other:Time and Space Travel: The ability to travel though time and space is a very powerful and rare ability that is passed down from father to son. Without these select few, the inter-worldly travel and trade would not exist. To travel time, one must be able to leave this dimension and leave all physical forms behind and go to the edge of existence just on the outside of time and space itself. When they are here, no time passes. Therefore, there is no time to move to think or do anything. It is impossible to for someone to meet anyone here because, here, time is not recorded. Only the Time Traveler can understand what is going on and can control when and where he will enter even though no time passes for him as well.

Setting: the new worlds (good, evil, and human lands) and sometimes New York City

Main Characters:

          Amelia: protagonist A young New Yorker that is about 21 in age; worked in an art studio; smart; will do any thing to help others; good men and evil men call her “The Human”; half-human/red blood; later in her life she dicovers that she is extremely powerful; has the power of producing shields and to sence any magic in the world that she is currently in.

          Cyrus: the angelic character; open-minded; kind, gentle, loving; has the power of heat and invisibility and later realizes he can time travel; the king's best soldier of the sword; man/white blood; charismatic;

          No name #1: elf/white blood; iritable; clumsy; good king's advisor or "personal servant"; superb eyesight and hearing(like all elves); great hunting and musical skills; has the power of healing and learns the power of jumping

          No name #2: antagonist; king of the evil men; man/black blood; unknown powers; mysterious (yet oddly familiar); keeper of the power spheres and The Box; charismatic;

          No name #3: antagonist;king of the good men; man/white blood; has the power of producing very power full shields and ??; against the use magic; very interested in the human world;

         No name #4 king of the humans; 3/4-human/red blood;
          Sarah: half-human/red blood; snobby New York teenager; cause of the end of all the worlds; extremely powerful; has the power to read and control minds, create or change any object, and to jump

Plot: Amelia, a young New York artist, is kidnapped and brought into a world of magic where she is greatly despised. She, with only the help of the whimsical Cyrus, must learn the way of the land in the past, present, and future order to prove to all the people, good and evil, that she is not as they believe in order to let her go.

                    Over view: Setting New York City;
Plot: Amelia is walking home after dark in New York City past a dark ally way and is overcome by a strange urge to explore the darkness; her world goes black and the city lights are gone.
                    Over view:Setting the evil castle
Plot: The evil king is gazing at the good men's actions through the power spheres of bringing "The Human" into "his" world; he excited for the events yet to come;[explanation of the Evil men and why their blood runs black]
                    Over view: Setting open grass field lined by what looks like an endless forest
Plot: Amelia meets No Name #1 and his men and learns of her confindment; they travel to the good castle and breifly sees Cyrus; No Name #1 recieves orders from his king and begins to carry them out[explanation of the Good men and why their blood runs white]
                    Over view: Setting 300 yrs in the future on a different charred world; an ancient human castle; night time; the end of the world; Aboslutly no life execpt Amelia and Cyrus.
Plot: 320 year old Amelia and Cyrus searches though many books in order to find the perfect person in histroy. This person may be able to fix what is happening to them right now; They travel time to this same castle in the same time peroid as the rest of the book takes place. [explanation of how humans are evolved in this world]
                    Over view: Setting
Plot:young Amelia/young Cyrus/No Name #1/others begins travel to the evil lands in search of native humans.
                    Over view: Setting
Plot:old Amelia/old Cyrus meets No Name #4
                    Over view: Setting

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