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There are lessons every day.
A lesson in manners...

Two of the deer that I regularly watch were outside the kitchen window this morning.

I often sit on the porch sipping my morning coffee and watch them in my garden. They think my garden is their personal salad bar. I have even been known, when a particular rose is about to bloom to shoo them away. Most of the time, I just watch and enjoy them.

This morning was different. The two noticed when I switched on the light and stood there, completely still. That I expected. While I made the coffee, they continued to stare into the window. I turned to let the dog in – for her, having deer in the yard is normal – and thought they would take that moment to run off. That’s WHAT they usually do.

Not today. They continued to stare into the window, and when I stopped to look back, they just wiggled an ear or tail at me. I found myself laughing out loud – they had turned the tables on me today. It was as though they were showing me what it feels like to be watched! Having made their point, they wandered slowly into the woods.

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